Monday, September 25, 2023



On this morning photoshoot, I saw all three crane families that inhabit the block where I typically take pictures.  Most often, I photograph them in the evening so it’s good to know my favorite birds are around in the morning too.

The first two were a non-breeding pair feeding in a small open field between two large corn fields.  One crane always stands watch while the other feeds.  

I was stopped in the middle of the road taking pictures when a Sheriff’s deputy came by and asked me what the birds were.  Whew!  Thought I was in trouble.   

I found the second pair in the wetland on the opposite corner.  They also are non-breeding and are the two cranes I photograph most.  

They were deep in the marsh grass hunting for food, one watching and one pecking.  I was lucky to get so close.  Maybe they recognize me.  😊

The third group I saw was the family with a fast-growing juvenile.   They were the same group I saw earlier this summer when the parents were teaching the youngster to dance.

The family was not happy with my presence and were hoofing it to put distance between us.  The juvenile  was especially nervous and soon overtook its parents.

The juvenile was nearly full adult size but still had mass to develop.  It also has not yet developed the distinctive red cap seen on adult cranes.  Its eyes hadn’t turned yet to the scarlet shade seen in full grown cranes.  I hope it has a safe trip with its parents when it migrates south, probably sometime in November.

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