Thursday, September 7, 2023



Weeks ago, a poet friend sent me a poem by Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelia, who died July 1st from injuries sustained in a Russian missile strike.  Her poem was inspired by her work interviewing women who lived through the Russian occupation.  The poem stuck with me and I’ve taken a few crow pictures to illustrate.  

Poem About a Crow


In a barren springtime field

Stands a woman dressed in black

Crying her sisters’ names

Like a bird in the empty sky

She’ll cry them all out of herself

The one that flew away too soon

The one that had begged to die

The one that couldn’t stop death

The one that has not stopped waiting

The one that has not stopped believing

The one that still grieves in silence

She’ll cry them all into the ground

As though sowing the field with pain

And from pain and the names of women

Her new sisters will grow from the earth

And again will sing joyfully of life


But what about her, the crow?


She will stay in this field forever

Because only this cry of hers

Holds all those swallows in the air


Do you hear how she calls

Each one by her name?