Thursday, February 23, 2023



 I’d gotten Audubon e-bird alerts that Double-Crested Cormorants had been sighted at both Clinch Park and Logan’s Landing.  I hadn’t spotted them either place, however, probably because I was limited by shooting from my car.  So I left Gracie home and started out for both places. 


 At the marina, I immediately spotted a cormorant on one of the mooring posts.  Every other post was occupied by a seagull.


 The bird was focused on its feet and I wondered if it had a fish there.  As I parked my car and began to exit, the cormorant flew off.  Ugh.  It didn’t come back so I headed to Logan’s Landing.


 I immediately spotted two cormorants at the far end of Boardman Lake Cove.  I was excited to get their pictures but moreover to be able to walk the entire length of the boardwalk bridge without using a cane.  My new knees work great!


 One bird stood on a rock, its wings fully extended to show off its 50+ inches of span.


 I was struck by the seabird’s hooked bill and its large webbed feet.


 I love the moment when birds find out I’m there, hanging over the boardwalk rail, taking their pictures and they stare straight on at me.


 I was hoping the cormorant would dive for food or would fly, but it mostly extended its beautiful wings.  I learned they perch to dry their wings after eating, even if they’ve not gotten wet.  Too bad I missed the meal.


  1. Am I right in saying that we didn't used to have cormorants in Traverse City? When David and I were visiting friends in Everglades City, I grew quite accustomed to them but never got completely used to the way they would hold their wings out to dry. I can do a pretty good imitation of a cormorant drying its wings. Just ask me sometime. Glad your knees are doing so well! - Pamela

    1. Thanks, Pamela. I've seen cormorants in TC during the five years I've been here, mostly around the marina and Logan's Landing. Both my bird apps show them in the summer and during migration around the bays and Great Lakes. But this isn't either of those times. It's the dead of winter here, so something's off. I supposed it could be another aberration due to climate change.

  2. Wonderful post, Karen! I love the different poses you captured! I am also happy to hear how well your knees are working, my friend. Good for you!

  3. Thank you! It’s always fun to see such a different critter.