Thursday, February 16, 2023


  I hadn’t seen a Snowy Owl since December 21, even though I’d visited their TC area haunts several times a week.

Then the last day of January. I spotted this Snowy tucked in an evergreen tree.  It didn’t move for the longest time.  I assumed it was asleep so I eventually moved on.


 I returned the next day and spotted the owl near the corner of this building.  It looked fully rested, its yellow eye trained on me below.


 The Snowy swiveled its head often, searching the grounds for prey.  Love that expression!  Almost a smile.


 The owl’s head drooped a bit and it’s foot came up.  I thought it was scratching an itch at first, although I couldn’t image what that must’ve felt like with those talons.


 It wasn’t an itch, though.  The owl had fallen asleep.


 Yep, Sleeping Beauty was out cold.


 After a few minutes, the Snowy jerked her head up, but she didn’t appear to be fully awake.


 A few seconds later, her eyes closed again and she was sound asleep.


 I waited her out this time, though, wanting to get another of those eyes-wide-open shots.


  1. You have a good eye to spot that owl in the evergreen tree. And falling asleep -- I've never seen anything like that! Thank you!

  2. You’re welcome. I’ve learned where to spot them with practice, but it was a first seeing the owl in the evergreen tree.

  3. I never get enough pictures of the Snowy owls. Beautiful series.

    1. Thank you. I hear you. I am excited every time I'm lucky enough to see one.

  4. Wonderful series, Karen! I'm glad to see that there is still at least one snowy owl in Traverse City!

  5. Thank you! They’ve been pretty sparse this winter.