Wednesday, November 16, 2022



Guest Photographer:  Don Burton

 I met Don through his wife Diana.  They’ve recently moved to Traverse City and I’ve enjoyed showing them around some of my favorite photography haunts.


DON:  Everything up close – I enjoy Macro Photography. It gives a different view of life around me. Even snow flakes tell a story of temperature and weather. 


 By mid-summer the chipmunk begins building a food pantry.


 Then the spiders are building their webs and start catching food. 

The Monarch butterfly depends on this weed, the caterpillar depends on the “milk” like juices for nourishment and protection for the caterpillar as it becomes becomes a butterfly.  The “milk” is poisonous to most living creatures, but not to the Monarch.

Each Milkweed pod hold countless seeds. I’m amazed how the helicopter-like extensions can grow and then free to fly in the fall winds to next years home.


 Sleeping Bear – When I view the sand dunes, I try to image all the different creatures depending on a good summer and homes for the winner.


 Ice weeds – Early winter snows may turn wet and freeze. The ice coats everything and accents the profile of the plants.

Hibiscus – The hibiscus produces a new flower most everyday. It must take loads of energy from the plant to produce such large flowers. 

Summer Grasses – With the grass profile between the sun and the camera, I can see details that normally I can’t see. 

Cone Flower – By late summer the Cone Flower produces seeds that provide nectar for creatures that hang around late in the summer. 

Black-eyed Susans – This flower is a peak midsummer and holds its bright yellow.

Thanks, Don. You are really an amazing macro photographer and I enjoyed seeing your kind of work for the first time.  

Surgery Update:  I’m now ten days out from my left knee replacement and I'm doing okay.  It's still slower progress than with my first knee, and I'm not happy about that, but it is what it is.  I'm going in the right direction.


  1. Thanks Karen! You are still our hero photographer! I looked thru a year of pictures to find 7 photos and you share 7 photo every week .

  2. Thanks, Don! I like being out there taking pictures. Going a little nuts right now not doing that.

  3. Don, I love the spider web -- and squirrel -- and grasses -- and, and.... Karen, may your recovery continue apace! Thanks for this clever way to keep your blog going while you get back on your feet.