Thursday, October 6, 2022



The edges of the day, sunrise and sunset, often make for spectacular photography with their dramatic pinks and golds against a still dark sky.


 I chose a new spot for the sunrise and as I drove along East Bay, it was a spectacular view.  Gentle waves rippling the water, mist rising from the bay, and golden reflections coloring the scene.


 With ever lightening skies, a heavy fog bank clung to the opposite shore and I wondered if the haze would occlude the sunrise.


 I arrived at beautiful East Bay Park and noticed several boats moored off shore.  I was hopeful to see a bit of the sun peeking through the murk and low clouds. 


 The crack widened, letting more sunlight through and bathing the sky and water in orange.


 The sun finally rose above the fog bank.  Its brightness was so intense I had to switch from using my camera’s viewfinder to the back touchscreen.


 With the sunrise complete, I moved on to other photographic projects.  But the beauty and calmness of the morning stayed with me for the rest of the day.


  1. The hour before sunrise and sunrise itself are so lovely that sometimes I would like to freeze-frame the day right there, wouldn't you?

  2. Absolutely. I love your idea of freeze-framing the day. I guess that’s what photography does, in a way.

  3. Your early morning venture to the sunrise edge of that day certainly paid off in some spectacular shots, Karen!