Thursday, January 27, 2022



We didn’t have a white Christmas, which made me wonder what kind of winter we would be having.  Finally, a couple weeks ago, the snow began to fall, the lake effect kicked in, and we had the looks of a real winter.  A few days before my surgery, Gracie and I headed out for a winter’s drive to capture some of that beauty.  We were gone for over three hours and saw so much.  Winter snowscapes.  Some new barns.  A couple juvenile Eagles, and a few crows, in a cornfield.  The Boardman River from several perspectives.  Some migrating Snow Buntings in their winter garb.  It was a delightful afternoon. 


NEW KNEE UPDATE:  It was two weeks Monday since I got my new knee.  And on Tuesday, I had my first follow-up with my orthopedic surgeon.  According to him, I’m healing well, have good knee bending and straightening, and am on target for where I should be.  Yea!

And with all the new snow we’ve had the last couple of weeks, IT PAINS ME NOT TO BE OUTSIDE ENJOYING ITS FRESH BEAUTY.  Oh, well, I’m healing and those days will come soon.  Patience, Karen, patience.


  1. Great collection of winter shots, Karen! And wonderful to read that, at two weeks out from your knee surgery, you healing well and on target for where you should be!

  2. Thanks, Jan. I can’t wait to get out there again.