Thursday, July 1, 2021



I was out taking pictures of the beautiful summer flowers and realized I’d never photographed hostas for my blog.  These shade-tolerant beauties are typically green, but some appear blue or gold, and other have variegation too.  They come in a variety of sizes from 6” to three feet tall.  They make a great background plant to show off more colorful varieties.  When I lived in the woods in Northport, I learned that the deer enjoyed the hostas as much as I did.  It was not uncommon to find them chewed on or even gone, thanks to the deer’s hearty appetites.  














  1. Wow, Karen! You got great shots of some beautiful hosta displays! The deer always go for our hostas. Spraying the plants with deer repellent helps, but you have to be consistent. Sooner or later, most of a plant will be gone.

  2. Thanks, Jan. I had fun shooting something different. I had the same experience with deer in NP eating my hostas.