Thursday, July 15, 2021



The rose is one of my favorite flowers.  It’s the national flower too.  In my younger days, I’ve had several rose gardens.  They required fairly intensive upkeep with spraying, pruning, and protecting them from the harsh Michigan winters.


I loved photographing these hybrid teas from all different angles and distances.  They can be an art form, especially with close-up shots.


While roses come in so many colors, I tend to favor pinks, peaches, and yellows versus the reds that are so popular.


 There is a new trend in rose horticulture and that is the use of groundcover roses.  These roses are low to the ground and make stunning displays when grouped together or with other shrubs and flowers.



These roses aren’t made for delicate close-up shots, but to be viewed from a distance, more holistically.


 Groundcover roses are much more low maintenance flowers.  They are known to be self-cleaning, meaning the spent flowers will regenerate themselves without having to dead-head them.


 Like tea roses, they come in a variety of brands and colors.  Drift roses are my favorites, and they come in nine different colors.


 Groundcover roses are meant to be planted,  but they can also be grown in pots.  They make a lovely addition to a patio or deck.


 For me, and my aging knees, this trend in roses is wonderful.  I can still enjoy my favorite flower, but without all the intensive work that roses typically need.


 Groundcover roses add just a splash of color here and there, much like Stella D’Oro Daylilies do.  Plant them, let them spread, and sit back and relax, enjoying their beauty.


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  1. This post was not only a delight to my eye, but also very instructive, Karen.
    I had no idea that ground cover roses existed!