Thursday, September 27, 2018


I’m living in a friend’s condo while my new home is being built in TC.  I decided condo living wasn’t right for me, especially with having a dog.

It’s on a golf course and I have a lovely front lawn.  Between the lawn and the golf course fairway is a beautiful copse of trees.  I know there’s some water in there too because I’ve seen golfers go in with their ball retrievers to reclaim balls that have been hit awry.

I glanced up from the reading I was doing and saw movement along the tree line.  I wasn’t sure, though, what I was seeing until I grabbed my camera and long lens.  It was a Great Blue Heron right in my own front yard.

I didn’t know what the heron was doing there.  Had it been living in the wetland area?  Was it lost?  Or had it begun its southward migration?  It seemed pretty vigilant, stopping every now and then to crane its long neck to peek through the trees.  Maybe it was just watching out for errant golf balls. 

Finally deciding it was safe to continue, the Great Blue lowered its neck and continued its journey. 

As it neared the end of the tree line, the bird stretched its neck up again peered through some evergreen branches.

The heron continued to be vigilant as it inched its way leftward, losing its protection.  No danger appeared to be on the other side, and the sand trap was thankfully empty.

Feeling safe enough to leave the protection of the trees, it broke into open space and headed down a gentle slop.  I wondered whether others in the complex were enjoying the show.

The Great Blue Heron reached a stand of evergreen trees.  It was becoming out of my range to photograph.  I haven’t seen the beautiful bird since, but I hope it reached its destination safely.