Thursday, September 20, 2018


I’d driven by this field many times.  But on this particular evening, I did a double take and backed up.

A horse was grazing in this field of tall hay.  The sun was still high enough in the sky that it made the whole scene golden. 

I wondered whether this critter was new to the field or had I missed it before?  Its blond mane and tail blended right in with the hay field, which was nearly as tall as the horse.

The horse was intent on eating and didn’t look up, so I moved on, seeking other subjects.  I came back though at the end of my photoshoot.  The light was fading, and the horse and hay had changed from golden hues to silvery ones.

I really wanted to see the horse’s face.  It wasn’t cooperating, though.  It did appear to peek at me surreptitiously through the hay.

Then it finally raised its head up all the way.  Look this way, Blondie, I wished.

The horse turned a bit more but kept its eyes averted.  Was it afraid?  Or shy?

Finally, it looked right at me.  Oh, what a beauty!  Floppy blond mane and a beautiful blaze on its face.  You may be a camouflage artist, Blondie, but I won’t drive by that field again without looking for you.


  1. Good for you for being patient, Karen. It is great to see this beautiful face! I also enjoyed the photos leading up to the final image.

  2. Thanks, Jan. This was a fun photo-shoot.