Thursday, September 6, 2018


I made another visit to the marsh north of Elk Rapids.  This time I brought my 1.4x extender so I could get a little more range while shooting the waterfowl there. 

In my first pass by the marsh, I saw four wood ducks sitting on a log.  I completely missed the critter at the far right end of the frame.

On my second drive-by, I saw the Great Blue Heron.  It appeared to be intently watching the water.  I wondered if it was getting ready to impale a fish or frog with its spear-like bill.

No action happened, however.  In fact, the heron tucked itself in tightly and closed its eyes.  Perhaps it was nap time.

The nap was short-lived, however, and a few minutes later, the Great Blue was wide-eyed and searching once again.

It stood on one leg and surveyed the other side of its surroundings.  I wondered whether some sound or movement had made it look in that directions.

I noticed there were several loose feathers on this heron and it made me concerned whether it was healthy.  Birds typically are good about preening several times a day to keep their coats in optimum condition.

A light rain had begun to fall, and I pulled my camera and lens back into the car to keep them dry.  As I did, the Great Blue looked over my way as if to say, "You get enough of me?"


  1. This Great Blue Heron was a great find, Karen! I enjoyed the variety of poses and the detail.

  2. Thanks, Jan, for your comments. It's always fun to watch and photography these big birds.