Friday, May 20, 2016

Trillium Blanket the Woods

What a beautiful week we've had!  Warm daytime temperatures and sunshine have transformed tiny, unfurling trillium blooms into full blown, mature blossoms. 

The white three-petaled trillium is striking against its deep green leaves. 

The trillium that carry a green stripe on each petal are lovely too, even though the coloring indicates the plant is infected with a virus.

Trillium that are clumped together are especially striking.  I commonly see these patches along shady roadsides.

In heavily wooded areas, trillium grow around fallen tree branches and stumps.

They hug tree trunks too, as they do here against this interesting tree hollow.

But my favorite image of trillium is when they blanket the forest floors en masse and are highlighted by rays of sunshine. 


  1. A beautiful bouquet of trillium shots, Karen. I love how each successive image showed more and more trillium, leading up to the final shot of them en masse.

  2. Thanks, Jan. The trillium are sure beautiful this year. I'm glad you liked the succession of images.