Thursday, May 12, 2016

Getting Closer and Closer

It's been an up and down spring with temperatures and precipitation varying widely.  There has been progress, however, with signs of spring becoming more abundant.

Many trees are leafing out; not enough for shade, but enough to cover the bare limbs we've been seeing all winter. 

Forsythia bushes, one of the first flowering harbingers of spring, are in full bloom all over the village and countryside.

Colorful tulips have joined the daffodils in brightening up gardens and walkways.

A few flowering trees, such as this lovely magnolia, are starting to appear throughout the county.

Marsh marigolds are blooming abundantly throughout wetland areas.  I saw these clumps in a roadside ditch near the Happy Hour.

These creeping phlox are spicing up this rock garden.  I love the tiny grape hyacinths that have added a deeper shade of purple to the scene.

What I'm really waiting for are the two stars of Up North springtime: the trillium and the cherry blossoms.  Masses of trillium are beginning to dot the hillsides, but most are still quite small and many are just unfurling.

Just four days ago, this was the only orchard I found in bloom.  It was enough to whet my appetite for more scenes like this!


  1. Hiked Houdek Dunes today. To and from our destination were many of the images you have captured here. The color and variety are striking. Not many cherries in bloom this far north as yet.

  2. Thanks, Karen. With the weather forecast for the next few days, I think the cherry bloom has been put off even further. Just hope there's not a freeze.

  3. Gorgeous captures, Karen. Love the variety of beautiful blooms and the array of color. Jackie and I took the back way home from Traverse City yesterday and noticed cherry orchards in full bloom closer to T.C., and then the wane of blossoms as we got closer to home.

  4. Thanks, Jan. I'm looking forward to seeing more blooms up here and hope the cold temps didn't impeded their progress.