Friday, May 6, 2016

A Fox and her Kits

I was just leaving the village when a red fox crossed in front of me a bit down the road.  I had my gear with me so I slowed and got it ready, hoping that the fox had stayed in range.  Little did I know the photo opportunity that was ahead of me. 

The fox had stopped in a back yard and was clearly eyeing me.

She then sat and put her snout in the air, perhaps trying to catch my scent.  She didn't seem anxious to run off, and I soon learned why.

Pretty soon a fox kit emerged from underneath a garage near by.  There appeared to be a den fashioned under one corner.  The kit was adorable!  I estimated it was 3-4 weeks old because it was beginning to lose its gray-brown coat for its red one.

In a blink, a second kit emerged from the den, as cute as the first, but a bit larger.

Soon the two began playing aggressively.  Such ferociousness!

And then a third kit emerged, but it was more submissive; it was quickly on its back at the beckon of the other two.

Mother fox went over to the den and one chubby little kit began to nurse.

There was some nose touching between one of the kits and the mother, while the second one was burrowing under its sibling. 

More nurturing went on between the three kits and the mom.  They even moved a way out from the den, and a fourth kit emerged too, but I never could get all four in the picture at the same time.

The kits went back in the den and the vixen sat and watched me a while longer before I decided it was time to leave.  I was fortunate to see this pack so close to town, but I worry that the proximity may bring too many viewers and perhaps even unwelcome predators.


  1. How Cool!! Wonderful pics of this Red Fox family in action! Love the richness of color in Mama Fox's fur.

    1. Yes, Mama Fox is a beauty. I love her tail and how she spreads it out in front of her for us to admire.

  2. Wonderful captures, Karen! The fox kits are so adorable. And this is a perfect post for Mother's Day weekend!!

  3. Thanks, Jan. I like your idea of it being perfect for Mother's Day. What a nurturing and protective example she sets.

  4. WOW.
    Thank you Karen for your audacity, your awareness, your awe.
    With Jackie and Jan, I am grateful for your honoring of the gift of being mothered.

    1. Thanks, Phil. Photographing the foxes was a wonderful opportunity that I just happened upon. Fortunately, I had my gear at the right time.

  5. Nice shots. Always nice when you find some wildlife your not expecting to see. Their very cute.

  6. Thanks, Mark. The kits were very adorable.