Friday, January 29, 2016

Shades of Gray

We’ve had plenty of snow the last few weeks.  The teasers are over and real winter has arrived.

Hills around the township lie pristine under pillows of snow untouched even by animal tracks.

Orchards are blanketed in this snowy white beauty too.

A lone tree stands as a sentinel over a field, stark against the gray sky.

While all my images were shot in color, they appear almost monochromatic.

Even at the Lakeshore, shades of gray predominate.

But on rare occasion, like today, the skies part and welcome in some blue sky. Moments like these help us better tolerate the winter grays.


  1. Love how you found the beauty in our mostly monochromatic winter landscape, Karen!

  2. Thanks, Jan. Sometimes I have to go with what is, even though it's the grays of winter.

  3. These shots really catch the essence of our Leelanau winters. Love the vastness of snow in the first shot, broken only with the curves of the hill. The water shot is a lovely study in gray.

  4. Thanks, Jackie. Look like our Friday sunny reprieve is over with more snow on the way.