Saturday, January 16, 2016

In Search of the Snowy Owl

Every winter I am on the prowl for the Snowy Owl.  With cold temperatures starting so late this winter, I wondered if they would be coming to our area.  I was out photographing some snowscapes that resulted from the two winter storms we'd had the last week when my luck turned.

 I had taken back roads home and I happened to look up and see this huge snowy owl at the top of a large tree right next to the road.  It was facing away from me, but I could tell it was the largest Snowy I'd seen, probably a female from its size and markings.

I had my long lens with me and rolled down my window to begin shooting.  I didn't dare get out of the car to set up my tripod because I feared I'd scare her off.  She was looking in my general direction, but didn't appear to see me.

I snapped away as the owl swiveled its head from one side to the other watching for small pray that might be darting across the open fields below.

It was starring straight out above my head, but didn't seem to see me.  At least at first.

Then it looked right down at me.  I knew it had seen me, but I wasn't sure how it would react.  Would it stay on its perch or would it fly off?

It narrowed those yellow eyes into a squint, as if assessing the situation.  Was this human toting that long lens a danger or not?

It must have decided I wasn't a threat because it stayed on its perch watching me and watching the field for potential prey.  As the sky darkened, it was becoming more difficult to get a clear image so I drove off.  But what an experience this beautiful bird offered me!


  1. Hurrah! I am delighted to know we again have a Snowy Owl in the area, Karen. Love the shots of her looking down at you!

    1. Thanks, Jan. It's really exciting to know the Snowy Owls are here.

  2. She is beautiful - a big, fat ball of cotton overlaid with her coat of black dotted feathers. And oooh those eyes! Amazingly clear shot even with the camouflage of twigs surrounding her!

  3. Jackie...Your description is right on target. She is really the biggest Snowy I've seen.

  4. Nice, always a treat when you can get a shot at something you just don't see a lot of. Like bald eagles, these snowy owls are so beautiful.

  5. It's a very special experience, as you know. This owl was BIG too. Thanks for visiting, Mark.