Saturday, January 2, 2016

First Significant Snowfall....At Last

The storm warnings were ominous, but they didn’t deter me from feeling excited that the first real snowfall of the season was on its way.  Like everyone else, I went to Tom’s to stock up.  The parking lot was packed and I got the last two jugs of waters.

The storm didn’t turn out as bad as had been predicted.   We got the snow, but not the freezing rain and sleet.  As I headed out the next afternoon to explore, I could see the snowfall had been wet and heavy.

Even the smallest pine trees drooped under the weight of the snow.  

I drove towards the State Park trails and saw that bare bushes were coated in white too, a testament to the moisture in the snow and the force of the wind that had slapped it against the branches.

As I swung through the village, I could see the marina was deserted and the red-roofed gazebo stood out, stark against the gray sky.

  I decided to check out the interior of the peninsula at the tip.  Weaving in and out of the township, I saw several beautiful stands of pines, all covered with heavy snow.  The white snow was striking against the greenery.

But the prize capture of the afternoon drive was this red barn.  I’d not photographed it before; in fact, such were my meanderings that I’m not sure I could find it again.  I love how it stood out against the pristine snowfall in the field to the foreground.  I expect there will be more of these photographic opportunities as real winter takes a hold of the North Country. 




  1. Beautiful documentation of winter's true arrival on the Leelanau, Karen.

  2. Thanks, Jan. Looks like winter is really here this year, and not just another teaser.

  3. Thanks, Jackie. The fresh snow makes for good pix. :-) Karen