Thursday, December 15, 2022



I’d seen a hawk on a wire on my way to Elk Rapids Friday afternoon.  I had my camera, but I didn’t have time to stop.  So Sunday afternoon, I set out to see if it was still there.


The weather was dark and gloomy, and snow was beginning to spit so the picture-taking conditions were less than ideal.  What was I thinking?  But, it was there in nearly the same spot.  Two of them, this time. 


 Red-tailed hawks.  The Crossley ID Guide on Raptors calls them “the quintessential roadside raptor.”  Crossley describes them further as “frequently seen sitting motionless in roadside trees and on power poles, white breast gleaming in the sun.”  Well, no sun today.


 The mate was tucked into a group of branches, making it harder to see and photograph.  I could tell, though, it had a heavy build too.  

 The hawk hopped to another branch giving me a better vantage point, but still not as clear as I’d like because of the darkening skies and increasing snow.  I was underneath it shooting from my car.  It looked down right at me. 


 I knew what that look meant.  It would be taking off soon.  It ruffled its feathers preparing to fly, but that gave me a better view of its beautiful red tail.


 And off it went in a blur.  I’ll be back, though, knowing now where it likes to hunt.  Maybe I’ll even catch it on a bright day…whenever that might be.





  1. You will probably find the hawk there day after day. Here in Cochise County, AZ, I see them regularly. Photographing them is no easy task, however, so kudos to you for that!

  2. Thank you! I’m guessing you’re right about seeing them in the same place every day. I wish I had your bright AZ light here. It would sure make for sharper, more detailed pix.

  3. How exciting that you found not one, but two red-tailed hawks, Karen! Good luck in finding them again on a bright sunny day. I'm sure that you will!