Monday, September 5, 2022



H-58 is the county highway that runs from Munising to Deer Park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  I’d driven it west of Grand Marais several times to see the Pictured Rocks, but never east.  That became my drive for the morning. 

Beautiful stretches of Lake Superior vistas were along the way.  Pull-offs were often dicey with deep sand, but I didn’t get stuck, fortunately.  Can't imagine trying to call AAA from here!


 Stands of evergreens against a blue sky made for a pretty scene, I thought.


 Fields of Goldenrod seemed to be everywhere.


 I love the peeks of Superior I got through the sand dunes.


 I often saw people with buckets hunting for Agates on the shoreline .


 Then I saw a sign for the Blind Sucker Campground and pulled in.  I had no idea that the Blind Sucker was a creek which had a small dam on it that flooded certain areas to improve habitats for fish and other critters.  

The flooded area was lovely and I could see how it would be perfect for waterfowl and also kayaking. 

Right away, I saw a Great Blue Heron standing still as a statue close to the shoreline.  I quickly drove on not wanting to disturb.

I moved on and caught another sight of Superior with rollers moving in from the big lake.

I finally came to what I was hoping to visit, The Ugly Fish Baking Company, just outside Deer Park.  It’s owned and run by writer and baker Ellen Airgood and her husband Rick.  I stocked up on delicious goodies, but the caramel apple pie bars to die for.

I asked Ellen why she named her new business The Ugly Fish Baking Company.  She told me she and Rick live on Muskallonge Lake, just across the highway.  She’d heard that in Chippewa, Muskallonge means ugly fish.


 As I turned around and headed back to Grand Marais, I took one last picture of Lake Superior, knowing my UP trip was coming to a close.

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