Thursday, August 18, 2022



It’s been in the works for years, but the Boardman Lake Loop Trail is finally complete.  And what a wonder it is.


 This final section picks up behind the NMC University Center.


 Then it runs down the hill and meets the bridge crossing the south end of Boardman Lake.


 The bridge is quite the architectural marvel, I think, perfect for joggers, walkers, and bikers.


 My favorite feature of the bridge is the half oval extension out into the lake for people who want to watch what’s on the water without getting run over by the moving bridge traffic.


 On one of my first visits, I photographed this Killdeer, a large plover which breeds in our area over the summer months.


 But my real find was this pair of Great Egrets perched on a dead tree that had fallen into the lake.  I could see what a great habitat this would be for birds and critters.

Great Egrets are such striking birds with their yellow bills and eyes against their pure white feathers.

They spent a lot of time preening their long white feathers.

It was a breezy day, and it was interesting to watch their feathers fluttering in the wind.

 I moved on and crossed the first new bridge leading to Medalie Park.


 Right away I saw a group of photographers and birders with their cameras and scopes on tripods.  Turns out, I learned, there were two rare breeds of sandpipers on the mudflats.


 A final bridge crosses the Boardman River and closes the loop.  This trail is an amazing gift to our community and will be enjoyed by folks for years to come.  I love it already!







  1. Thanks for taking us on this interesting tour of the Boardman Lake Loop Trail, Karen. I love your shots of the egrets!

  2. Thanks, Jan. The egrets were amazing to see!