Thursday, March 25, 2021



The calendar says spring has arrived, and there are many signs of it out and about.  The reality is that it’s still March in the North Country, and who knows what weather we might get in the future.  Still, there are some signs of spring out in farm country.


 The ponds were finally free of ice, and it was great to see waterfowl returning, such as this pair of mallards.


 In a second pond, I saw a couple of geese.  I wondered whether they were passing through or looking for a spot in the deep grass to nest.


 The sounds of spring are different too.  I’ve been hearing lots of Red-winged Blackbirds at home and also near the wetlands on this photoshoot.


 I love it when these birds get all puffed out when they give out their down-slurring trills.  These birds fill the air with their songs.


 The fields were also mostly free of snow, and their golden grasses highlighted this stand-alone tree.  Can leaves be far behind?


 But the biggest surprise came last, when I rounded the corner and found these two Sandhill Cranes pecking away in the field, as they foraged for grains and insects.


 I have a theory about these two.  In the years since I’ve lived in Traverse City, I’ve seen two cranes in the early spring near this farm every year.  I believe it’s where they live.


 I’d hoped to catch them in a mating dance, but that’ll have to wait for another time.  Now that I know this pair is back, I’ll be watching for that to happen.

 I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the afternoon drive.  Gracie had her head out the window most of the time, watching all the new critters that Spring had brought us.




  1. Wonderful to view all these signs of spring, Karen, and great to know that you found a pair of Sandhill Cranes! It was lovely to see Gracie, too!

  2. Thanks, Jan. I'm excited that at least one set of cranes has arrived.