Thursday, March 11, 2021



Sunday afternoon was gorgeous, and Gracie and I headed out into the countryside.  We passed the area where we’d often seen Bald Eagles, but the ground was quite bare of roadkill, and we only saw a few eagles in distant trees.  


 We weren’t far from a small horse farm and saw some riders saddling up.  Looks like they were intending to enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures too.


 There were four horseback riders in all.  We also saw plenty of people out walking that afternoon.


 As we reached the horse farm, there was a lone horse in the fenced area.  It wasn’t happy and was circling around its yard.  Perhaps it didn’t like being left behind.


 The horse went to the hill at the back of the property and surveyed the hillsides.  Where did they go?


 The whole time the horse was running around the corral, it was neighing as it threw his head up and down.  I felt bad for him.


 The horse finally calmed down, and it came over to the fence to visit Gracie and me.  He was a beauty!  I realized this was a horse I’d photographed a few years back at another property and had nicknamed Blondie.


 I went back to my old blog from September of 2018, named Camouflage Artist, and was pretty sure it was the same horse.  I was surprised at how different the environment was at its former farm.  

I remember having difficulty getting the horse to look at me, but I can see it has the same blaze on its head as this horse.

I enjoyed re-visiting Blondie at the new farm and hoped his buddies would return soon.  After all, most of us enjoy having a little company as we go about our lives.



  1. A lovely post, Karen. I'm glad that you and Gracie kept Blondie company for a while.

  2. Thanks, Jan. Gracie really enjoyed seeing the horse.