Thursday, December 27, 2018


It's the time of year when we look back over the soon-to-end year and evaluate various parts of our lives.  I do that with the images from my photography blog and choose my favorite ten pictures of 2018.  Here they are, along with the reasons why I picked them.

Number Ten.  This image of Fishtown struck me because of its tonal qualities.  It wasn't a sunny day, yet I like the pervasive aqua colors of the Carp River and Lake Michigan, especially as they tie in with the iconic, green fishing tug, the Janice Sue.

Number Nine.   I like the tonal qualities of this image too with the sky showing a faint pinking as sunset approaches.  I also chose this picture because of its size contrasts, with the fly fisherman appearing very small against the giant Empire Bluffs dune in the background.

Number Eight.  I always include a Gracie picture in my top ten.  Here she and her new friend Rosie check each other out on one of their first play dates.

Number Seven.  I love photographing wildlife and birds and was very lucky to see this Great Blue Heron out my front slider from the condo I was staying in while my new home was being built.  The situation was a good example of photo opportunities that are all around us if we just pay attention to our surroundings...and have a camera ready.

Number Six.  I love these golden willows along Silver Lake Road.  It wasn't a pretty day, and the sky was definitely a blank gray, but the willows stood out and were even reflected in the wet pavement.

Number Five.  These delicate, yet ephemeral blossoms caught my eye, and I was lucky enough to photograph them before a spring wind blew them away.

Number Four.  For nearly a week I got to watch Cedar Waxwings devour the fermented berries from a Mountain Ash tree in my backyard.  I'd heard of drunken birds, but this was my first time witnessing them in action.

Number Three.  I got numerous images of this doe and her young fawn feeding in a field of wildflowers.  I liked this one best when they turned and ran off, their beautiful white tails held high.

Number Two.  I photographed the Snowy Owl many times last winter during their irruption to our area.  They certainly are beautiful critters.  But nature isn't always pretty, and I think this image shows both the beauty of the owl and the reality of these birds of prey hunting for survival.

Number One.  You might have guessed that my favorite picture of 2018 would involve Sandhill Cranes.  I didn't see as many of them this year, but I was lucky to catch this pair in a series of pair bonding dances after an April snowstorm.  Besides being able to watch their interesting mating machinations, I love the tawny tonal qualities of their plumage matching the leftover cornstalks, all against the backdrop of a spring snowfall.


  1. What a wonderful collection of shots in your 2018 retrospective, Karen!
    Happy New Year! Warm wishes for many more exciting photo ops in 2019.

  2. Thanks, Jan. I enjoy looking back over my 2018 catalog and picking out my favorites. Happy New Year to you also.