Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Yeah, I know, she's a cutie. 

Gracie loves the camera and gets lots of practice being my photography model.  No matter what outlandish outfit I dress her in, she's game.  While I pose her, she never moves a muscle.  But what she loves even more than modeling doggy outfits is going with me on photoshoots.  When I pick up my camera bag, she goes wild and runs to the door to the garage.

One of the favorite places we like to drive through to take pictures is the Grand Traverse Commons.  There are many mature, tall evergreens that are decorated to the hilt.

The trees are a sight to behold with a touch of snow on the ground and the backdrop of the renovated buildings of the old State Hospital.

These decorated, statuesque evergreens rival ones we often see in state capitols during the holiday season.  But if you want to see a decorated Christmas tree rivalling no other, take a drive up M-22 to the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula.

There in the village of Northport, you'll find a strikingly adorned tree at the intersection of Waukazoo and Nagonaba Streets.  I took this photo in 2015 when I still lived in the community.

As I wish all my blog friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday from my house to yours, my wish takes on a speciial meaning this year because Gracie and I moved into our new home on Saturday.  Even amidst all the unpacked boxes, we are finding the time to put up our tree, light some candles, and play our favorite Christmas songs.  May you have a wonderful time celebrating the season with family and friends.


  1. A beautiful collection of Christmas images, Karen. It is always a special treat to see pics of adorable Gracie! Wishing you and Gracie every happiness in your new home!

  2. Thanks, Jan. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday too.