Thursday, August 16, 2018


Last week when I visited farm county, I saw the effects of our hot, dry summer.  At the end of the evening, I saw three sandhill cranes take to the sky.  When I went back this week, I was hoping to find them again and photograph them.  Instead, I found...

A beautiful red barn and outbuildings at the edge of a cornfield.

A striking stand of White Birch trees.

A spotted fawn venturing deep into a field of some kind of crop, ears standing at alert.

Another fawn, or perhaps the first fawn's mother. 

Two beautiful horses grazing in a field.

A split-rail fence lined with vibrant trumpet honeysuckle vines.

A brilliant sun setting below a bank of electrical wires.


  1. A beautiful, delightful collection of images, Karen!

  2. Thanks, Jan. It was fun searching for different subjects.