Thursday, August 9, 2018


I hadn't been out to farm country since the end of June.  Even though the skies portended a coming storm, I headed out anyway.

I was surprised how verdant everything looked.

The contrast between the green crops and the sandy-colored stands of grain was striking.

I came across one of my favorite farm country scenes, fields of hay bales.  Skies were becoming more threatening as I drove.

 Then I came into an area where there were lots of ponds.  I was shocked at how dry they were and the lack of waterfowl in them.  Only a few geese were inhabiting this one, which was full of swimming critters last summer.


As I rounded the corner and pulled over to one of the largest ponds, I saw it too had low water levels and was choked with algae.  Last summer I had photographed a beautiful Great Blue Heron doing a balancing act across a fallen branch.

I ended my drive at Hency Marsh, which is typically lush with vegetation and water pathways.  What I found was more dryness and only a couple narrow streams of water on the edges.  It was stunning to see the effects the hot, dry summer was having on area waterfowl habitats.  I couldn't wait for the approaching storm to strike, and, hopefully, begin to replenish some of these natural environments.


  1. A beautiful series of images, Karen.
    I hope those ponds are soon full of water and waterfowl, again. We could use some rain up here, too.

    1. It's dry all over the North Country. Thanks for your comment, Jan.