Thursday, November 24, 2016

Winter Arrives

It was the first Winter Storm Warning of the season.  Three to seven inches of snow had been predicted.

But barely an inch or two actually fell, sufficient to grease the roads and walkways.

The dusting was just enough to brighten the landscape and add to the fall colors that still remained.

The real story of the storm wasn’t the snow, however.  It was the winds.  A few gusts at 57 mph were recorded around Northport, resulting in some snapped off branches and occasional downed trees.

Prairie grasses were laid nearly flat by the high winds.

 Over on Lake Michigan huge waves crashed the shoreline.  Surfers played in the churned up waters on both sides of the peninsula.

The lake was saturated with white caps and gulls riding air currents filled the sky.

Not only had winter arrived, but so had the gales of November.


  1. Great collection of early winter images, Karen! I thoroughly enjoyed viewing each of them.

  2. Thanks, Jan. It was quite the windstorm.