Friday, November 11, 2016

From Sunshine to Falling Leaves

What an awesome fall we’ve had!  And it's been topped off by several days of  warmer than normal temperatures and abundant sunshine.  With there still being ample fall color, it was hard not to take advantage of being outdoors.

But going into Tuesday, which happened to be Election Day, a cold front brought declining temperatures and gale force winds.  The leaves began falling and carpeting the forest floor with brown and yellow leaves.  

Did the turbulent weather portend the far-reaching results of Tuesday's election?  I had to wonder.


  1. Thanks for these beautiful images of our glorious fall, Karen. Amazingly, there are still some beautiful trees out there. Still, on the last walk that we took at the State Park, most of the leaves were under foot.

  2. Thanks, Jan. We are definitely on the downside of the fall color season.