Friday, July 22, 2016

A Fawn Visits...Finally!

I usually have a fawn or two visit my deer blocks sometime in mid-June, but this year, my first one didn’t arrive until July 3.

And then I only caught sight of it from the tail end as it scampered through my woods.

But last week, a doe took a leisurely stroll to my feeding station with her young one following close behind.

The fawn appeared quite large as it stood next to its mother so I guessed it was a couple months old.

It wasn’t long before the two were sharing a meal from the deer block.

Sometimes I’m able to photograph through the window, but on this day, there was a glare so I inched the window open.  Both deer looked up immediately and I feared they would bolt.

But the doe was used to me and soon went back to eating.  The fawn, however, kept me her eye on me.

Continuing to be wary, the fawn even stomped its foot, a signal that danger might be near.  Her mother did take notice.

The doe didn’t bolt and the two continued to eat a while longer.  Then they meandered along my fence line munching the greenery as they wandered back into the woods.


  1. Lovely captures of these sweet fawns, Karen. I love the variety of poses of the fawn with its mother. More "Ahhhh, summer" moments!

  2. Hi Jan...As you well know, they are dear critters.