Friday, March 4, 2016

Waterfowl Abound!

I'd been looking for the reappearance of waterfowl for the last month, but hadn't seen many along the bay shoreline.  I was out enjoying the sunshine one afternoon this week and I found several kinds were doing the same.

This Mute Swan was gliding along the bay and it would occasionally dip its elegant long neck into the water for the aquatic plants it feeds on.

There were Canadian Geese too.  This beauty appeared to be watching its reflection in the water.

They were also doing lots of dunking, fishing for plant life from the bay bottom.

And then came the ducks.  This female Mallard floated on the chop that had developed on the Bay.

The more colorful male was paddling right behind his mate.

But not all the waterfowl were enjoying a float on the water.  These two Mallards were huddled on one of the parts of the bay that still had ice.  Look at those orange feet!

A whole congregation of gulls inhabited another ice floe.  Some were preening; most appeared to be sleeping.  I guess they have to rest after all the flying and diving they do during the course of a day.  I'd pick a warmer place for my afternoon nap, though.


  1. Love these captures of waterfowl enjoying a sunny day, Karen! The light and composition are great in all of these images; and I really enjoyed the reflections in the top two!

  2. Thanks, Jan. I always appreciate your visits and comments.