Sunday, August 3, 2014

One Foggy Morning

This week I drove to Traverse City several times for Film Festival showings.

On one of the mornings, the bay was placid and completely cloaked in fog.

While the veil of haze nearly obscured the far side of the bay, some people went about their business as usual.

Sailboats remained moored, waiting silently for clear skies and brisk winds.

Like the fisherman, the ducks appeared to ignore their monochromatic surroundings and paddled along as usual.


  1. What a peaceful contrast to the traffic during Film Festival week, Karen! Just lovely.

  2. How true, Pamela! I think the traffic during FF week rivals that of the Cherry Festival. Karen

  3. Beautiful series, Karen! I, too, appreciate these peaceful scenes after my own experience with TCFF traffic.

  4. Thanks, Jan. I'm in TC right now and I'm surprised that the traffic is even worse than last week was.

  5. Lovely and serene Fog and mist always evoke a sense of "eeriness" and mystery in me. Kind of reassuring to see the ducks paddling around doing their usual duck business

  6. Thank you, Jackie. Fog evokes that eeriness in me also, but more so at night than in the morning. I remember one foggy night's drive back from TC to NP and it was a really a treacherous trip. I never knew what was going to jump in front of the car with no warning at all.