Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hawk Eye

A friend was picking me up for dinner.  She said to get my camera because there was a hawk atop a nearby dead tree.  When I got back in the car, she pointed to a large nest high in a tree next to my driveway.  We wondered, might that be the hawk's nest?

By the time we got to the dead tree, and I had the chance to get my long lens in focus, the hawk had flown off.  So on we went to dinner.  Returning home to the neighborhood, we were both attuned to the surroundings, hoping to spot the hawk again.

We were barely into the neighborhood, and there it was, perched solidly to an electrical wire!
I got out of the car to shoot more easily.

It followed me with it's eyes.  I got closer and closer and it gave no signal of fear or readiness to fly off.

What eyes it has!  And with a slight downward turn of its head, how sinister it appears!

The hawk can look majestic too, as in this image.  But look at those talons.  I imagine small critters wouldn't have much of a chance in their grip.

By this time, I was nearly underneath the hawk and was hoping it would take off so I could catch it in flight.  Well, it did and this is all I got...a blur of wings.  Need more practice with birds in flight.

It settled onto a tree branch, and I wondered what kind of hawk it was.  Looking in my bird books and bird apps when I got home, its coloring and location fit the Broad-winged Hawk.  Is there anyone out there who can confirm that or come up with a more definitive identification?


  1. Excellent shots, Karen. What a great find, so close to your house! Along with the talons, that beak looks vicious!

  2. Yes, Jackie, I feel very lucky to have found this bird so close to home. I imagine it's been responsible for some of the quick swoops to my bird feeders. I've also been able to positively identify this hawk as a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk, thanks to Kay Charter of Saving Birds through Habitat. Karen

  3. Karen, these shots are fantastic, and I LOVE the one of the hawk taking flight! The blurred wings make the action very immediate, and the feet and breast are sharp and clear.

  4. Thank you, Pamela. I had great fun photographing this critter.

  5. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for your visit, Yvonne. I hope to see you again. Karen

  6. Super sharp captures of this handsome bird, Karen. Love the various poses, details, and eye contact.

  7. Thank you, Jan. The bird really cooperated. I was waiting for it to fly off sooner, but it really stuck around so I was able to get everything I wanted. Karen