Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Birches at Seven Points Farm

I'd been looking to photograph a stand of birch trees this fall, but hadn't found one sizable enough to my liking.  Birches are my favorite kind of trees, especially in the autumn when their yellow-gold fall colors stand out against their striking, white bark.  I learned that Seven Points Farm, owned by a friend and her husband, had several large stands of birch trees.  So I spent an afternoon there, dodging raindrops and snow squalls, and being fortunate enough to take advantage of the beautiful vistas and many birch trees.


Thank you, Kate and Halley, for sharing your beautiful property with me.  But a special thanks goes to my tour guide Farley, who romped at my side the whole afternoon.  What a good boy he is!


  1. I thought that was their place! Knew it for sure when I got to the dog. Two up from Farley is my favorite of the birch trees, their leaves like spangled gold. Lovely, Karen!

    1. That's my favorite too, Pamela. As for Farley, what a dear dog. He's got me very confused about whether to get another golden or a corgi. I had my mind made up for a golden, but now I don't know. I probably need a smaller dog as I age, but he's small, but acts like a big dog! Karen

  2. I vote for Farley!! But after him, I agree with you and Pamela. Such a great combination of color and
    light in that shot. Beautiful series, Karen!

  3. Thanks, Jan. My vote is with Farley too! Karen