Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Clouds Add Interest

I took this Grand Traverse Lighthouse picture on a day that up north folks would describe as: "There wasn't a cloud in the sky!"  While cloudless skies are wonderful in an area where winter gray can dominate, I actually like clouds because of the interest they add to compositions.

Last March, I took this sunset picture from Foxview Drive.  The sunset itself was dazzling, but it was the cloud striations absorbing and reflecting the setting sun that really made the picture interesting.

My favorite type of cloud formation is the cumulus cloud.  These fair weather clouds are white and fluffy, although I actually prefer the more defined version just above the treeline at the Bight.  These clouds can also develop vertically into thunderheads if unstable weather is approaching.

Last Sunday evening I was driving back to Northport from the film festival and was hoping to catch the sunset.  As I approached Omena Bay, the low cloud cover and water took on the pink glow of the sunset, which was happening on the other side of the peninsula.

While I missed the actual sunset, I didn't miss the brilliant afterglow.  And again, the thin, wispy clouds added interest to the sky.  Sky islands next to South Fox Island.

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