Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Gusty Big Lake

I'd been hoping to catch some of the Perseid Meteor Showers the last two nights, but cloud cover prevented me from seeing them.  So instead, I headed out to see what was happening on the Big Lake.  High waves, winds gusting from the north at 25 miles an hour, and rip current warnings had been forecast for the whole day.  I headed over to Leland to see if there might be surfers or kite sailors.  Unfortunately, I missed them, as they were packing up their gear at Van's Beach when I arrived shortly past dinner.  Moving down to South Beach to get a more accessible view away from the harbor, the wind and waves told a story of power coming from the Lake.  Seagulls straddled the shore line, hoping for dinner to be tossed up from the Lake bottom.

 Looking south towards the Whaleback, large waves created moving surf and the wind forced the beach grass nearly horizontal.  And the heavy cloud cover didn't bode well for night photography once again.

On the way back to Northport, I stopped at Christmas Cove and saw the same churned up water, windy conditions, and heavy cloud cover.  The lake was giving off darker colors, as night approached.  The cloud cover did, however, seem to be breaking up somewhat, especially just above the horizon, where the setting sun had started to cast its orangey glow on what clear sky was visible.  It was still four hours until midnight, the beginning of peak hours for meteor watching.  Maybe I would luck out after all.

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  1. Very nice story, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks little brother.