Thursday, May 23, 2024



I started on the boardwalk bridge near Logan’s Landing, hoping to see some of the waterfowl I’d heard about through my Audubon alerts.  Right away I saw a swan and her cygnet.  A pair of Manky Mallards were fishing nearby in the shallow waters.  Then I heard the eerie, beautiful call of a loon coming from the east and headed to Medalie Park.  I quickly spotted a Hudsonian Godwit walking on the mudflats.  It’s a sandpiper very rare to our area.  Next were two Caspian Terns, one squawking and the other fishing.  Finally, nearly a third into the lake, I spotted two loons swimming beside the nest they’d built on another mudflat.  They were pretty far away making it difficult to get detailed images of their black parts.  But it was good enough and exciting, as I watched them swim back and forth.  One stretched its wings, just as two swans flew in.  Finally, one of the birds delicately mounted the nest and resumed incubating their precious eggs.


  1. Loons in the middle of town (almost)! I love that tern with the fish in its beak, too.

  2. Thanks, P.J. There’s always interesting stuff at Logan’s Landing and Medalie Park. Close to everything too, including my house.