Thursday, January 12, 2023



I’m missing the white, wintry scenes that typically occupy my winter photography.  Instead, these gray,  gloomy days are getting to my psyche.  What about yours?


 Still, I head again to the countryside, searching for some signs of life. My luck turns as I spot this Bald Eagle perched on a skinny branch.


 It focuses its keen eyesight on the field below, hoping for its next meal.  Perhaps, a rabbit or another bird.


 It turns back and gives me a quick glance before swooping off too fast for me to catch in the low light.


 A light rain has begun to fall and I move on to the Roadkill Cafe where I’ve seen eagles previously.   I  immediately spot three perched near each other in a stand of trees.  Two are adults with beautiful white heads and tails and are mostly likely the two I saw early January.


 The third is a brown mottled juvenile, more difficult to photograph in the deepening gloom and rain.


 The juvenile swoops off the tree towards the ground and I get a shot of its enormous wings.


 On the ground another story is unfolding with three different eagles feasting on roadkill the road commission has dumped there.  Despite the gloom, seven eagles is a lot to see in one day.



  1. Great collection of eagle shots, Karen! I agree: 7 eagles is a lot to see in one day! I still remember how amazing it was to see eagles at the Roadside Cafe and on ice in a field while on a drive with you last March. I'm glad to see you've been out with your camera and hope this means you are feeling a lot better, Karen.