Thursday, March 10, 2022



The next time I went out to shoot, I headed to farm country, out near Kingsley.  It was again a very windy day, but I hadn’t considered the implications until I’d reached the boonies.


 While the roads were drivable, the winds had covered them completely with snow.  In spots, the drifting snow made the driving somewhat dicey.


 The winds continued to blow the snow off the natural drifts and plow-created snow piles.  I tried many different settings trying capture that movement.


 Despite the winds and snow-covered roads, it was, nonetheless, a beautiful day.  Sunshine and blue skies.  Picture perfect.


 Before leaving home for my photoshoot, I’d been thinking of heading to Old Mission to capture a sunset over water, but then I checked The Photographer’s Ephemeris website and saw the sun was still too far to the south for that. So Plan B was to head to farm country, where it looked like I was going to get a sunset, after all.  The Golden Hour had arrived.


 I watched the setting sun cast interesting shadow patterns across the open fields.


 This string of telephone poles stood out against the golden sky.  


 The sun dipped behind a stand of trees, making for a nice scene with these gently rolling, overlapping hilltops.


 As I was heading west, the wind continued to blow the snow across the roadway.


 I was hoping to get an uncluttered view of the sunset, which was fast approaching.  Not over water, of course, but maybe over an open field or empty hillside.


 I sped across M-37, and the road became even more snow-covered.  I found the open field I was seeking, but just missed seeing the sun actually set.  Still, the lovely red skies were stunning.  I got my sunset after all.





  1. Great collection of wind and sun shots, Karen!
    I found some of the Golden Hour shots breath taking!