Thursday, November 12, 2020



It was early afternoon when I headed out.  That was much earlier than usual, but I needed to un-glue myself from the television after the jubilant election results were finally announced.  Time for some fresh air and relaxation!  I’d gotten an Audubon alert that 400-500 Sandhill Cranes were clustered along the farm country road where I usually see them.

I approached the area, but it was too early in the day for the cranes I’d hoped to see.  I decided to explore a couple seasonal roads that I typically avoid because they are so isolated.


 The roads are often rutty, sandy, and muddy, which doesn’t bode well for a solo driver.  I decided today the conditions were right to check them out.  


 In one wooded area, I could see the ground was covered with red leaves.  My window was down and I could hear squirrels scampering among the crisp leaves.


 Birch trees were abundant too.  Many were old and fragile.  I often had to avoid downed limbs as I drove through the area.


 The seasonal road also had wetlands.  I’d seen great blue herons there several times.  Today, I watched the marsh grasses sway in the wind.


 But the cattails going to seed were especially interesting to see.  Their life cycle reminds me of that of frogs, each stage is distinct and nearly unrecognizable from the previous.


 Scattered throughout the area were several blinds.  I was surprised this was one so close to the road.  I imagine in a few days this area will be crawling with deer hunters.  Good to take my drive sooner than later.


As I exited the road, I passed this nearly hidden barn.  It reminded me of another seasonal road that is less remote and also has several barns.


 As I headed down this seasonal road, I could see it had a completely different flavor.  This road had wide open fields and a few people living along it, so they must have to pay for snowplowing in the winter.


 There were also two beautiful horse farms along the road.  I stopped to look at a couple horses grazing in the pasture.


 As I passed by the last barn and exited the seasonal road, I decided to swing by where I usually see cranes.  They were starting to fly in, but I’ll wait to tell that story next week.  😊





  1. Lovely captures, Karen. A great break from the election drama!
    I will be watching for more shot of cranes!! :)