Thursday, July 9, 2020


Because the National Cherry Festival was postponed this summer until next, due to Covid-19, the Traverse City community is finding a new way to celebrate cherries.  They’re calling it a Porch Parade.  Throughout the area, people are decorating their porches and yards with cherry decorations, lights, and patriotic symbols.  As at Halloween and Christmas, some have gone all in and others are simple displays.  There’s a map online of the Porch Parade homes at the Cherry Festival website.  It’s been nice weather, so head out for an evening drive to check out all this creativity...of course, with the air conditioning going full blast.


  1. Karen, you did not disappoint! Ever since I heard about the Traverse City Porch Parade, I just knew it would be your next blog post. I love the variety and color. Thank you!

  2. You know me pretty well, Jan. I enjoyed driving around seeing all the beautiful and fun decorations.