Thursday, June 13, 2019


Spring is the time of year when I see many baby animals and waterfowl.  The young ones are always so cute to see and photograph.

Out in farm country near Kingsley, I first came across this pair of Canadian Geese and their brood of seven goslings.

The parents brought up the rear, but they were really pushing the little ones towards a nearby pond.

Oh, the young ones are so fuzzy and cute!

Next, on South Boardman Lake at Logan’s Landing, I saw this pair of Mute Swans with their five babies, known as cygnets.

 While both parents were busy dunking for aquatic plants, they kept their brood safely between them.

Like the goslings, these cygnets were fuzzy and cute.  Unfortunately, I waited and waited, but I couldn’t get them to face in my direction.

Returning to farm country, I saw two Red Angus cows with their calves in a meadow.

The calves were already quite large, and I wondered when they’d been born.  This one was a handsome dude, but not exactly cute and fuzzy like the waterfowl chicks.

To be honest, not being much of a farm girl, what amazed me most about the cows was the size of their udders.  As they all romped through the meadow, their udders dragged on the ground!  I wondered if the calves were being weaned and the cows were waiting for the extra milk to dry up.  So much to learn about the natural world!


  1. Sweet captures of these adorable young ones and their parents, Karen.

  2. Thanks, Jan. They're one of my favorite subjects.