Thursday, November 23, 2017


I was headed out for one of my weekly photoshoots with Gracie along for the ride.  I had no idea what my subject was going to be, but was confident something would present itself.  As always, I swung through my neighborhood to see if anything was going on.

As I entered the last of three streets, serendipity struck!  There at the end of this circular-shaped street stood an elegant red fox.  I knew I probably didn't have much time to capture this beauty, so I went into photographer mode:  music off, window down, lens cap off, camera ready.

As I drew closer, this gorgeous critter looked me right in the eye.  My heart jumped with excitement at the opportunity to see and photograph this fox.  Sometimes you don't have to go very far to find what you're looking for.

And in the next moment, the fox put its nose to the ground and was on its way, being a wild animal again versus being a photography subject.

As it moved behind a large stand of several evergreen trees, with just that beautiful tail showing, I gave a silent thank you for the opportunity to have seen and photographed this gorgeous critter.

But as I edged forward to the other side of the tree stand, I saw the fox and I weren't quite done with each other.  It turned and gave me another good look.  My heart leapt again.

But I wasn't the object of interest for long as the fox turned and focused on the brush at the back of the neighborhood.   I wondered if it had a rodent or some other small game in its sights.  I know that foxes are very adaptable to eating whatever is in their habitat, including garbage and pet food.

And then it was off again its journey.  Maybe it was searching for food.  Or perhaps, it was on the scent of a potential mate, with that season only being a month or two away.  Regardless, I am happy for the serendipitous opportunity to see and photograph this beautiful fox.  So much to be grateful for in this season of thanksgiving.  I especially appreciate all of you who support and follow my photography through this blog.  Thank you!


  1. Very cool, you don’t see a lot of red foxes. They are very beautiful with that big fluffy tail. You captured some good pictures and I enjoyed reading your story. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks, brother. It was exciting. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. What a beauty, Karen! Love the beautiful color and the eye contact you captured. How wonderful and exciting that you found it in your own neighborhood!

  4. Thanks, Jan. Yes, it was very exciting and totally unexpected. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.