Thursday, September 14, 2017


My backyard provides several rich habitats for the bird population in my area.  Let me take you on a tour of the various places where they live.

Directly behind my home is this huge stand of trees.  I see birds continually come and go from this macro-habitat all day long.  When I'm in yard, I hear birds squawking at me from there and it's where they built their nests and protect their fledglings.

At the far right end of my yard is another large stand of trees.  This second macro-environment also attracts many birds, although I only see them coming and going from a distance.

Closer to my home are several micro-environments where birds visit, but don't live.  Two Mountain Ash trees are right outside my next door neighbor's deck.  The two trees are currently lush with fruit although the birds probably won't enjoy them until either winter or spring when the berries have had more time to ferment.  Maybe I'll see a few drunken birds.  Not kidding.

Another micro-habitat is the lilac bush right next to my deck.  Here a cardinal hides as it waits its turn on the nearby feeder.

A second micro-habitat is the lovely Rose of Sharon tree on the other side of my deck.  It's in bloom now and I've really enjoyed its beauty.

Birds also use it as a hiding place before they jump off to the feeders.  Besides my regular bird visitors, I've had lots of bees, humming birds, and even a Baltimore Oriole.  I wasn't quick enough, however, to photograph any of those.

 Truth to told, I love the Rose of Sharon as much as the birds do.  I've always admired this tree and was excited to see that it was already established in my yard when I moved in.

The blossoms are lovely at all stages, from full bloom to just unfolding, as in this image.  This one reminds me of a rose.

And what about this beauty?  This female Rose-breasted Grosbeak appears to be enjoying the Rose of Sharon too.


  1. Very nice blog post. Sometimes I think the story is more important than the photos. I liked your photos.

  2. Thanks, Mark. One reason I like having a blog is I get to tell the story AND show the photos that go with it.

  3. Great blog post, Karen! I liked seeing the various bird habitats around your new home and especially enjoyed your beautiful flower and bird captures.

  4. Thanks, Jan. I'm really grateful that I have these habitats that the birds, and me, enjoy. Karen