Friday, August 12, 2016

Chasing Rainbows: How the Perseids Turned into a Sunset

All week I’d planned to photograph the Perseid meteor shower, but both nights I went out to shoot, clouds occluded any chance of a starry sky.  I'd photographed a Plan B yesterday afternoon, but wasn't really happy with the ho-hum topic.

I was sitting on my porch, stewing about what I would use for my blog, when serendipity struck.  It had started to rain, but I could still see the sun shining strongly through the woods.  Weird, but then I thought:  RAINBOWS!  I grabbed my gear and from my driveway, I could see part of one had formed right above me.

I headed to my neighborhood beach, and was lucky to see more of the rainbow seeming to rise right out of the Bay.

As I traveled along Woolsey Lake Road, remnants of the rainbow remained above the treeline.  I could also see a brilliant sun peeking through the woods to the west.  A sunset too?  By the time I reached the Bight, the rainbow was too faint to photograph so I continued on to Peterson Park. 

When I reached the park, the clouds and fog were rolling in, but there was a sunset. And that’s how the Perseids turned into a sunset. 


  1. Well, you didn't just chase those rainbows, Karen. You captured them, and a beautiful, interesting sunset, too!

  2. Thanks, Jan. It was a fun photoshoot.

  3. Nice shots, Karen. I especially love the composition of #1 and #2 and the colors of #3 and #4. I've never seen what looks like a striped sunset before - very lovely!

  4. Thanks, Jackie. And yes, the clouds did a nice job of striping up the sunset.