Friday, April 15, 2016

Willow, Weep for Me

From Billie Holiday's jazz standard to Harry Potter novels and films, willow trees have long been a part of American culture.

These water-loving trees commonly dot Leelanau shorelines, their low drooping branches dipping towards the Bay.

Northport's G. Marsten Dame Marina is home to several old, beautiful willows.

Besides their unparalleled grace, what I like most about willows is that their branchlets turn reddish brown during the winter. 

When you survey the early spring treeline, these willows give the landscape a much needed break from the monochromatic tones of winter.

The stems especially stand out against the bright blue skies we've had this week.

Being one of the first to bear leaves in the spring, I look forward to the willow's slender leaves swaying in the breeze and ushering in the new season.


  1. Love the willows! The various lighting and perspectives really define their pre spring beauty. I especially like those against the deep blue sky😃

  2. Thanks, Karen. I appreciate your comments. After a gray winter, I think most everything looks wonderful against the deep blue sky.

  3. You've beautifully captured the grace and elegance of these lovely trees, Karen.

  4. Nestling in our backyard, under fully leafed out summer willows created a sense of fun and safety for Julie and I, as young children. These yellow Spring willows spark a sense of hope and cheer in me, now. Thank you!

  5. Thank you, Jackie. I'm glad the willows have a place dear in your heart, both past and present.