Friday, February 12, 2016


We've had plenty of new snow this week, but temperatures have dipped into the deep freeze, thanks to the Polar Vortex.

Winds are whipping up all the fluffy, new snow and making visibility a challenge in many areas.

Still, the recent snowfall has created many lovely snowscapes throughout the Leelanau township.

Skies are constantly changing and patches of blue occasionally open up.

Lake Michigan looks gray and cold, yet its water temperatures are still above our air temperatures, contributing to all the lake effect snow we've been getting.

Enjoy the beautiful snowscapes that dot our countryside....

but keep yourself warm!


  1. Thanks, Karen.
    Your color, composition, and grace are so fine!
    I love the barn with the bright red door with the blue sky above.
    Keep on! phil

  2. Thanks, Phil. I like the barn shot too. When I first started to set up, it was totally gray, but then I saw a tiny bit of blue sky and finally it opened up enough to enhance the scene.

  3. Love the lines, light, and colors in all these images, Karen; and each is beautifully composed. You've again found and shared with us the beauty of our winter landscape.

    1. Thanks, Jan. I always appreciate your positive comments.