Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bountiful Leelanau

When I think of Leelanau County and its agriculture, cherries and grapes probably come to mind first.  A drive through the northern third of the county, however, shows that Leelanau's bounty extends far beyond those two crops.  Combine the agribusiness with the county's rolling hillsides and you're in for some sightseeing as lovely as spring blossoms and fall color.


  1. Beautiful captures of "our" peninsula's beauty and abundance, Karen. Number five down is my very favorite.

    1. Thanks, Janet. That was an interesting shot. I was driving up the hill at Jelinek Road and saw those three silos way off in the distance. It turned out to be a good image after shooting it at all different focal lengths.

  2. First two shots I know exactly where you were. First one is a lovely view, isn't it? Not one many visitors see, I'm sure. Or even residents. Aren't you amazed by the bright red of cherries? Every year they surprise me, all over again.

  3. Yes, the red cherries are a delight every year. I love watching them change from yellow-gold into the bright red. I'm glad you know where those images were taken. I think you enjoy wandering the back roads too.