Saturday, May 9, 2015

Atmospherics at Kehl Lake

It's no secret that Kehl Lake is one of my favorite places to visit and photograph.  I love the quiet there.  It's rare to run into other people, and I often see wildlife and hear birds singing, which I always enjoy.

This morning, as I rounded the bend towards the lake, I could see it was shrouded in heavy fog and mist.

It was difficult to see through the fog to the far side of the lake, and the reflections on the water were barely visible.

As I tromped around the lake, I found remnants of campfires and even the shell of an old wooden rowboat.  I wondered how long it had been there rotting.

But it was the fog and mists rising off the lake that really captured my attention this morning.


  1. Wow! Great atmospheric captures, Karen. I love the ethereal quality that the fog brings to the lake and woods. I think number two down is my favorite. Just wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Jan. It's weird how some days I go out looking for a blog subject and, miraculously, and thankfully, the topic finds me. That's what happened with this photoshoot.

  3. That very first image stopped me in my tracks, Karen. Stunning. Beautiful.

  4. Thanks, Pamela. It was an eerily beautiful morning.