Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Big Melt

A whole week of mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the 40s and 50s!  It was just what the doctor ordered for those of us who've remained in the North Country and endured the record cold temperatures of the last month.  The constant drip of snow melting from my roof has been such sweet music.  I decided to head out and see how the warm temperatures had affected the local frozen bays and Lake Michigan.

Northport Bay still has ice on it close to shore, but it is very slushy.  It looked like there was open water farther out in the bay.  I decided to catch a view from a higher perspective.

After a muddy drive to the top of Braman Hill, I could see it was hazier, but there was clearly open water west of Northport Point.

 Down towards Omena, puddles of water surrounded the breakwater.

Dark aquamarine waters covering the rest of Omena Bay signaled thin ice.  It was a beautiful sight!

On the other side of the peninsula, looking down on Lake Michigan from the overlook at Peterson Park, I could see remnants of ice caves directly below me.  But there was still ice as far as I could see, though it appeared chunky as if it had been shifted around by the winds and waves.

Looking off to the north, patches of open water seemed to be forming.  It won't be long though until the ice breaks up.  I'd be surprised if the ice remains as long as it did last year, when ice floes were still on Lake Michigan on May 3.  So does this break in the winter weather signal that spring is here?  Haha!  Spring is often very fickle in arriving to the North Country.  But this nice break from the cold piques our hopes that spring IS on its way.


  1. Those are beautiful images, Karen. You are almost making me homesick! It will be okay, though, if the ice is gone before we get back. I'll keep checking your photos to see how spring is progressing.

  2. Thanks, Pamela. I hope, for both of us, that the ice and snow are gone before your return...and that your return is soon. :-)

  3. Beautiful work, Karen! Having visited spring in Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia, I can only echo your hope that spring is on its way to Northport!

  4. Sunny day today, but only 30 degrees. It seems like getting to spring is a back and forth process. Thanks for your visit, Jan.